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with people they know, like and trust.

This is Kreston International's slogan, the global network of independent accounting firms. In 1971, our company was one of the original members that helped to find Kreston International. We are extremely proud of this because with its help, we are also able to provide you with access to a network which, in the form of independent and owner-managed firms, now has a presence in around 100 countries across the globe and in all the world's economic hubs. Today, Kreston International is one of the top ten international networks of medium-sized businesses (Kreston is 14th). It has transnational audit-guidelines, has standardised reporting packages in place, and carries out regular quality reviews with its members. By exchanging ideas through international conferences, specialist meetings, numerous ongoing projects, and mostly through long-standing personal contact, we are able to be kept up to date with rapid and reliable information from our overseas partners. We rely upon it, and so of course can you. 

Since April 2011, Kreston International has been a full member of the Forum of Firms (FoF), an affiliation of networks of financial auditing firms which are operating internationally. 

Among other things, one of the requirements for membership of the forum is to have an implementation programme in place, for a globally coordinated and standardised quality control system based on International Standards on Auditing (ISA).

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